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6032A GPIB address blank - cant connect to instrument SOLVED

Question asked by troyk on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2014 by ezekiel
We have a bunch of 6032A power supplies.
Recently a couple of them stopped responding to the *IDN? query but they did respond to ID?.

So with the first one I sent the SYST:LANG TMSL command. As soon as I did this I lost the GPIB connection.
When I cycled the power on the supply, instead of showing the GPIB address it just showed three dashes.
Nothing we did could change it back or reset it. Without a GPIB address we can't even connect to it.

I assumed the GPIB card had a fault. Why else would it spontaneously change what language it accepted and then indicate a fault when I attempted to change the GPIB language to TMSL?

Just today another 6032A started to do the same thing. A colleague of mine attempted the SYST:LANG TMSL command on it too. (Without knowing about the sequence of events that led to previous supply comms failing.)

Now we have two borked GPIB cards in 6032A supplies. Both are stuck with three dashes instead of a GPIB address. Manual control works fine.

Is there any way to get them working again?

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