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U1272A - SCPI subset of commands? Use with Command Expert.

Question asked by bananabread on Oct 1, 2013
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I have several U1272A's at my disposal and would like to automatically get readings from them. I have enough IR-USB adapters and they indeed show up as serial devices.

My question is: How do I get measurements/readings from the U1272A? The goal being to automate measurements, into an excel sheet (but a broader compatibility is wanted).

I understand these devices support a sub-set of the SCPI commands and if I send them one to the correct COM port, I should get an appropriate response. In fact, it does work (sometimes) when sending *IDN?.

Is there a list of the commands support specifically by this multimeter? I've looked a lot and never could find an exhaustive list of commands (be it for this particular device or SCPI in general).

I have installed the Agilent IO Suite as well as Agilent Command Expert. With these, I can use the Interactive IO to send and read commands (only, as I do not know the commands I don't get much other than *IDN?). I have tried using the Command Expert panel in Excel by registering the device, but it seems I cannot connect to the device (even if it shows up in the Command Expert standalone).

Any help would be greatly appreciated as materials regarding this is quite scarce.