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PNA-X Noise figure calibration, Opt 028, for on-wafer measurements

Question asked by macgerry on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by macgerry
I am setting up to make noise figure measurements using Opt 028 (standard receivers) on the PNA-X (FW A.09.90.02).  I have an external pre-amp and suitable high-pass filter, noise E-cal module, power sensor and meter.  I have reversed the Port 2 coupler and installed the E-cal module in Port 1 for noise.  I have a second E-cal module (2.4mm connectors) for vector calibration.  To learn and sort out many issues, I have made believeable gain and noise figure measurements using all connectorised components.  Now I want to make similar measurements on-wafer.

On-wafer, I have suitable probes and on-wafer TRL amd SOLT cal kits.  The VNA has suitable cal kit files.  Ap Note 1408-20 (5990-5800EN) discusses on-wafer calibrations for Opt 029, and says that the same procedure can be used for 028 and coax power meter.

I am not sure how to tell the PNA that I am using a mixture of probe and coax components and calibrations.  I can do an E-cal calibration to the probe coax connector.  Then, presumably, do a reference plane move/ adapter removal/measure each RF probe on a cal standard/ procedure to extend the measurement plane to the probe tips.  I have not been able to find anything in the Help files or in this forum to explain the procedure, especially for noise.

Are there any references to help me?  Thank you.