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Measuring current with DSO9104A scope and N2893A current probe

Question asked by Kaly on Apr 10, 2014
Hi, I'm having some trouble making sense of some of the current measurements that I'm making. I'm measuring current with DSO9104A scope and N2893A current probe. The scope automatically detects the probe and sets itself up for it. I'm trying to determine the amount of current an IC is drawing through a ferrite bead. I'm looking at three measurements on the scope: V(avg), ACVrms, and DCVrms (despite the names, the scope is reporting current). I'm trying to make sense of what these measurements mean though. 

This is what I'm assuming at the moment based on what I'm seeing on the scope:

V(avg) is the DC current and is what you would measure if you were using something like a DMM to measure DC current.  

ACVrms is the AC current that the device is drawing, minus any DC offset.

DCVrms = ?

Can I get a confirmation that I'm correct about what V(avg) and ACVrms are and what DCVrms is?

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