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82357B GPIB-USB adapter in VirtualBox

Question asked by stefant on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by hognala

I am trying to get our 82357B GPIB-USB adapter to work in a virtual machine.
I am using VirtualBox 4.2.16 (with the expansion pack but the problems w/o it are the same) on a ubuntu 12.04 host (3.11 kernel).
In the vm I am using win7-x64 and have connection expert 16.3.17914.4 installed.
As far as the device manager is concerned, the device works fine:
I have created so-called filters in vbox that allow both usb devices to be accessed from within a vm.
"Both" because the device changes usb ids while being configured by the driver.
After configuration the device manager shows a healthy "Agilent Technologies 82357B".

But connection expert obviously has problems with this configuration...
It does show a "USB/GPIB (GPIB0)" device in its tree but with a red x.
When I right-click on it and select "Refresh This Device" then it tries to, but shows "There was a communication failure" and "Error:
ResourceNotFound" in the details.

It does also log some stuff into windows' event viewer, starting with
"IocAgent.ReadAndValidateInterfaceEntry: Validate of INTF4 failed: Serial interface number 3 is not present on the computer" with "VOC" as source.
The second error also looks interesting: "ag357i[Pid/Tid=2088/1616]: Error, OpenUsbIntfDevice():CreateFile(1) failed w/err=[5] on [\\?\usb#vid_0957&pid_0718#my52433349#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}]".
Error 5 is "access denied".
AFAICT the path is correct, at least all elements are correct according to the device manager and the windows registry.
I've attached the complete log as .txt and .evtx (windows' native event viewer format).

I did verify that no usb packet is sent to the device by monitoring the respective bus on the host while refreshing the interface.
The device works fine on another machine with native windows 7.
Any ideas?