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N9010A-Setting MaxHold in Channel Power

Question asked by jcwhit on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by jcwhit
I would like to set the detector to max hold and then read the channel power after a few seconds.  I keep getting error -113, Invalid header, which from I am reading means either not supported by the instrument or the measurement mode (depends on the SCPI document).

I am not sure this is possible, though it can be done from the front panel. 

Here is the code that sets up the analyzer.  ChannelFreq and RefLevel are passed parameters to the function.

agXSAnWLANDriver.Radio.RadioStandard = AgXSAnWLANRadioStandardEnum.AgXSAnWLANRadioStandardBG
agXSAnWLANDriver.Frequency.Center() = ChannelFreq
' set analyzer to continuous sweep mode
agXSAnHostDriver.Acquisition.ContinuousSweepModeEnabled() = True
agXSAnWLANDriver.ChannelPower.Display.WindowY.AutoScaleEnabled = False
agXSAnWLANDriver.ChannelPower.Display.WindowY.Reference() = RefLevel
agXSAnWLANDriver.ChannelPower.DetectorTypeAutoEnabled = True
agXSAnWLANDriver.ChannelPower.DetectorType = AgXSAnWLANDetectorTypeEnum.AgXSAnWLANDetectorTypePeak

thank you for the help