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E8361A/E8361C 10MHz spike @ -50dBm/-40dBm

Question asked by twpang Employee on Jun 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by Dr_joel
I'm using E8361A and E8361C to measure step attenuator up to 50dB. I can see the issues at 10MHz (~1-2dB spike).

The spike will occur only on high attenuation  >40dB. Attenuator <30dB do not have this issues.

PNA Setting as below:
Power = -14dBm
IF bandwidth = 20Hz
Start frequency = 10MHz
Stop frequency = 67GHz
Number of Point = 201

Calibration = E-Cal, i'm using E-Cal as unknown thru for 2 port calibration.

i did turn on Avg factor= 5, Avg = On. It did not improve the 10MHz spike.

Check on R1 receiver, i can see there is the spike on R1 but B receiver is fine for S21 measurement. This mean the spike is actually coming from the source.

Anyone can suggest how to improve the 10MHz spike at high attenuation >40dB. Please help. Thanks.