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PNA-X dedicated noise figure GUI setting issues

Question asked by rok on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by Dr_joel

I am testing out a PNA-X 67GHz model with had the option 29 hardware noise figure option added to it, with software  firmware A.09.90.12 on Windows XP. The problem I am encountering is when I try to set the measurement channel stimulus settings to use the noise receiver and adjust the receiver gain. In the 'set nfx stimuls.png' attachment, I am able to to select the 'Noise receiver' option and set the receiver gain, as well as the averages. But if I close the dialog and then open up again (see 'review nfx stimuls.png'), the GUI reverts back to the standard receiver and grays out the 'Receiver Gain' section. It only remembers the averages. Also, if you look at 'noise path config.png', you can see that it is set to the 'Noise Receiver' pathway. But I am unable to affect it via the 'NFX Frequency Setup' GUI, meaning if I change it to 'NA Receiver (Port 2)', the path configuration will still show it switched to the 'Noise Receiver' pathway. If someone can address this issue, that would be greatly appreciated.