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Adapter Characterization Macro

Question asked by Ballschmieder on May 13, 2010
Latest reply on May 21, 2010 by daras
I have a N5230A PNA. The output of the adapter characterization macro has numbers I do not recognize:

7.85E+08     -3.39E+01     -1.74E+02     1.30E-01     -1.54E+00     2  1.302579E-00     1  -1.538720E+0     02  -3.839649E+0     01  4.731741E+001

I understand the list is: stimulus, S11 real, S11 imaginary, S21 real, S21 imaginary, S22 real, S22 imaginary, but do not understand the number (for example) 2 1.3002579E-00.

Please help. Thanks.