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VEE Pro 9.3 and HP8757 Scalar Analyser - compiled vxe "error 801"

Question asked by c.m.richardson on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by tomtomjr
we have recently upgraded our old HP VEE 5.0 to VEE pro 9.3. everything is fine with the exception that any complied "vxe" program will not talk to the connected hp8757 scalar analyser kit.
The program is using direct i/o over gpib cable and works perfectly from within the vee programming environment, but the vxe will not run, it errors out with "unable to find driver for hp8757" "please install it from instrument manager".
I assume that I am missing something in the instrument manager panel "instrument properties" as there are no drivers available for the HP8757.
Any help / pointers would be appreciated.