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Agilent Mobile Logger for Android / Wish list for U1173A USB cable support

Question asked by on Jul 20, 2014
I have an old tabled Android 2.2 with out Blue-tooth, and even so it looks compatible about accepting and installing the Agilent Mobile Logger APP. 

By the use of one third party USB subsystem utility for Android, the U1173A IR-USB cable it is detected by the USB controller of my tablet.

And now I have to ask … How much trouble will be for Agilent software engineers to add support also for the USB cable U1173A? 

Basically this will extend the usability of this APP for people who like to log with their tablet and the U1173A cable.  

All that it needs at software level is a question to the user if he will use Bluetooth or USB Cable, and the APP will connect accordingly.
Yes technically is not that simple, but for a software engineer is not rocket science.  

Will Agilent move in this direction?  
I consider this idea tremendously useful and worthy to become a reality.

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