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Can I characterise 7-16 DIN cal kit using either an N, APC7 or 3.5 mm kit?

Question asked by drkirkby on Nov 27, 2013
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I'd like to get a 7-16 DIN cal kit, but the Agilent 85038A is well outside my budget given the fairly limited use I will make of it. There's a used one on eBay, but at about 90% of the cost of a new Agilent one, that would be a crazy purchase. 

I purchased a pair of the Anritsu "T" type cal kits, which have open short and loads:

2000-1618-R - Male (6 GHz)
2000-1619-R - Female (6 GHz) (male) (female)

The total cost was about 5% of buying the Agilent 85038A 7-16 kit, so you can see why I did this. 

But I don't know the coefficients of these, and from experience the support on Anritsu equipment is pretty poor, which is why I would not normally buy any of their things, but at a 95% saving, it was attractive. 

I've tried the Anritsu "Sitemaster" Yahoo group, which is pretty dead, with only a few posts per month, and so far there is no response to my question. 

I've got the following cal kits

* 85052B (26.5 GHz 3.5 mm)
* 85050B (18 GHz APC7)
* 85032B (6 GHz N)

and also the following verification kits

* 85051B (APC7) 
* 85055A (N)
* 85053B (3.5 mm, but I have no disks, so its complete)

My VNA is an 8720D, with firmware version 7.74 which does *not* have option 400 (4th receiver). 

I don't have the machining facilities myself, but I might be able to twist the arm of someone at my radio club to make me a 7-16 airline - any suggestions for the length given the cal kits are 6 GHz maximum?

Any suggestions I how I might characterize these, assuming I don't manage to get any data from Anristu? 


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