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Error of relative frequency measurement induced by frequency fluctuation

Question asked by guoguo on Sep 28, 2013
      I’m focusing on the error of relative frequency measurement of N9020A in counter mode, while the frequency of input signal fluctuates in the positive direction. For example, first I placed the marker on f0. Then I measured the relative frequency (f1- f0) by using the marker delta. Because there was a time interval in the two steps, and the frequency would change in the measurement process. Assuming that during the period of the second step, f0 changed from f0 to (f0+Δf), and f1 changed from f1 to (f1+Δf). How can I assess the error caused by frequency fluctuation? In experiment, I have found that there was a difference between (f1- f0) and (f0-f1).
     Thank you very much!