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Noob needs suggestions

Question asked by johnlack on Aug 3, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by johnlack
Hi, I'm a new user of ADS and know only the basics; I have to create a circuit with 8 mixers in parallel upconverting their IF baseband signal to 8 frequencies and combining the the resulting signals on the same line using two 4x1 splitters which combines with one 2x1 splitter; the splitters have been obtained using data items with downloaded data from .  
(I've attached some images to show the schematic design)
I have been simulating the structure piece by piece, and until it had 6 frequencies and any splitter it worked. It also worked with 4 frequencies with two splitters. The problem came when I tried to simulate the 8 signals togheter with the splitters (later, I will also want to add an amplifier and noise simulation): it ends with "abnormal simulation terminated"; the reasons displayed were typically "insufficient memory" or "no convergence" (I have tried changing solver to Krylov, decreasing the order of the 8 fundamental frequencies, trying to use transient solver assisting). 
My ram is 4GB, and my processor is intel centrino 2; I use ADS 2009 on a windows7 32bit operating system with 26GB free space (I need 32 bit system to be able to see the layout). Things should be enough.
Is there something that I'm missing?