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U2701A IVI driver and remote desktop

Question asked by bap2703 on Aug 6, 2013
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I found an extremely weird behavior with the U2701A IVI driver.

I am working with two machines, both running windows XP sp3. One of them is the production machine with the scope plugged to it. The other one is my own dev PC. I am using Remote Desktop Protocol from Windows to connect to the production machine.
I run the latest driver for the scope:

Depending on how I open the windows session, I get a different behaviour:

Case 1: opening a session locally (on the machine where the scope is plugged) => everything works
Case 2: opening a session locally, then connecting to that session through RDP => everything works
Case 3: opening a session through RDP => IVI driver doesn't work (see below)
Case 4: opening a session through RDP, then connecting to that session locally => IVI driver doesn't work

For case 3 and 4 here is a description of what's happening.

This is working:
- Querying *IDN? with Agilent Interactive IO or NI's equivalent
- Using the scope with Agilent Measurement Manager
- Communicating with the IVI driver in simulation mode

But this is not working:
- Communicating to the physical device through the IVI driver, either with Labview or in C.

I fail to initialize the device, a C program just give me an error 0. 
Labview produces a "(Hex 0x80004003) Invalid pointer." error.


At the end this issue is not critical since I now how to avoid it. I am writing here mainly for the record.
But can this behavior be due to the driver itself? I have many other instruments connected, none of them caused me this kind of difficulties!

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