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Control 6632B With 82357B

Question asked by natant on Jan 27, 2014
I have two Agilent 6632B power supplies that I need to control from a PC.  I also have an 82357B GPIB-USB converter as well as a Beiming Technologies 82357 GPIB-USB converter.  My software is Agilent Connection Expert 16.3.

The power supply connected to the Beiming Technologies' converter works fine.  The power supply connected to the Agilent one does not.
1) This holds true even after I switch the two cables.  Hence, I conclude that both power supplies are OK.
2) This also holds true on two different PCs, both running Windows 7.  Both computers show a correctly installed Agilent GPIB interface in the Device Manager.
3) Since I have a number of Agilent 83257Bs lying around, I also tried using a different one.  Did not help.

I will now forget the Beiming converter and describe the Agilent converter and the problem I have.  The green ready light is on, and it's the only LED on.  Also, in Connection Expert, the USB/GPIB (GPIB1) icon has a green check mark on it.  However, that's it.  I cannot get the interface to detect the connected power supply, automatically or manually (when I insert the address myself).  Can anyone help me with my problem?