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Agilent 34902A: no communication

Question asked by domi on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2013 by domi

I am working for a Fire Lab using the Flooring Radiant Panel (FTT - UK). This Instrument uses Agilent 39402A for Data Acquisition. 
+ Card: GPIB  
+ Agilent 39402A 16 channels

I have installed all things that needed for computer such as: FRP software, PCI GPIB card, GPIB Library.

FPR instrument's usage: measuring a flame that spread on the surface of a material used for flooring.

There's a problem: no communication between Agilent 39402A and computer. It means, no readings are collected on the software. No "Scannning" on the Agilent 39402A.

What could be the problem?

Who know this, pls suggest me to solve!