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Rookie S-Paramter Question

Question asked by DoctorT on Apr 6, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by DoctorT
Apologies for the stupid question, but...

I am using an 8753ES with an 85046A S Parameter Test Set. After calibration using Full 2-Port, and using a 50 ohm coaxial air line as a DUT, the instrument is reading out S Parameters with units such as 850 mV for S21. I don't understand the units; shouldn't these parameters be dimensionless? I would have expected to see the values expressed as some percentage of the generator power. What am I missing? The calculated Transmission coefficient is larger than unity, which suggests I am missing normalization somewhere.

Again, apologies for the stupid question, but I'm not finding any answers in the manual or searching this forum.