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E8257C Opt 007 Ramp sweep issue

Question asked by jlubecky on Sep 18, 2013
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I have an E8257C  with opt 007 and I am stumped I am getting an error 508 Frac N unlocked when I sweep in ramp mode. mainly 1-3GHz is the freq range I can duplicate the failure.  I thought this may be related to the service note E8257C-15.  I have replaced the Frac N.  I have run the adjustments.  I upgraded Fw including options,  I tried reloading or doing a restore of cal constants thought maybe corrupt data, then reran TME adjustments.  This doesn't give any kind of error in step sweep or list. over same freq range. But in step I can see Freq is incorrect. From what I'm seeing it looks like there is a switching point on the variable prescalar. I am using a realtime spec an.  and I can slow down the sweep down to 2 second still in ramp but this is the slowest I can go while maintaining the unlock error.  I can see a switching point that looks like its FMing.  again this really seems like its related to the service note E8257C-15.  I have read enough to know the sampler is not used when in RAMP mode so this leaves me with Frac N , Reference assy, or YIG driver.  any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

Joe L

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