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Importing an ADI model into ADS OR bulid a model of ADC in ADS

Question asked by xiaoc on Jan 22, 2014
Hi, I'm trying to import an ADI macromodel into ADS, I saw it from , that ADS could simulate with behavior model of ADI, I want to simulate the AD6874 while there isn't a model of it, so I downloaded the "Agilent Technologies support (3/2009) (zip)", I guess this is something like a macromodel or library of ADC that could edit by ourselves, if so I could write the specification of it and make it close to AD6874, could anybody tell me what is the “Agilent Technologies support (3/2009) (zip)” for? Or could anyone tell me how to build an ADC model close to a specific datasheet, while AtoD model in "Timed, Data Processing" library is a little coarse to me?

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