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Communicating with an 86412B via VXI-11

Question asked by alex.forencich on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by mkelly
I need to connect to an 86412B OSA over ethernet (VXI-11).  I have a Python based VXI-11 library ( that works perfectly with other Agilent/HP devices (MSO7000, DSA90000, E2050A, E8361C, 8164B).  However, there seems to be an issue with communicating with the 86412B OSA.  I am attempting to connect with the resource string ",27::INSTR" where 27 is the GPIB address of the unit.  I can successfully connect and send commands to the OSA, such as "*RST".  The OSA goes in to remote mode and the commands do take effect.  However, I cannot read anything off of the analyzer - it always times out.  Any ideas on what might be going on here?