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8711A firmware?

Question asked by w2hx on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2010 by jvall
Hi all,

I have heard that an 8711A's firmware can be modified to re-enable the phase/vector related features that would be found on an 8712.  Does anyone have some specific information about how this can be accomplished? And does Agilent have a problem with me asking about this?

Also, I have heard that for later model 8711A's (with 2MB flash space) there was a firmware upgrade that would give it most of the features of an 8711B.  Anyone have information on this?

I am asking because I am trying to purchase a VNA that I can afford (hobbyist). an 8711A has come up that is very reasonably priced and if there is a way to enable to vector features it could be a great deal for me.

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Eugene w2hx