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Conditionally draw a Path in Layout using AEL/Graphical Cell Compiler

Question asked by apaglia on Jun 6, 2013
Hello all,

I am creating a parametrized artwork macro for the Layout view only. This Macro uses a mix of predefined Graphical Cell Compiler PAM controls and custom written AEL functions.
There's a Path component, which I modify with a User-Defined PAM control. This control is able to modify and repeat the shape. Until here no problems.

Question: how can you make the function return no shape (i.e. not drawing the passed Path), if the user-definer PAM is defined for return "Replace List"? there's a situation, according to the Design Parameters, in which I do not need to draw that Path anymore. At the moment, I am writing as return coordinate two equal points, situation which of course gives error. And in that last case, the whole Layout (which by the way was totally error free until that moment) isn't drawn anymore.

Thanks all for your support,
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