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Connecting the 8903B Audio Analyzer to a WIN7 PC

Question asked by godzich on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by Mike

I'm new to the forum and soon a proud owner of an used 8903B Audio Analyzer. 

I know nothing (yet) about Agilent's or any 3rd party software to communicate with this instrument using a PC. So please be gentle with me. At the same time I apologize if this subject has been discussed before. In that case - please redirect me to the corrcte thread...

I would like to use a WIN7 PC to control the 8903B. I need a suitable USB tp HP-IB inteface and a suitable software. Can someone kindly giveme some hints what to look for and what works? I'm an hobbyist so a freeware software is my main interest. I understand I have to pay for an USB to HPIB converter but I need recommendations wich to choose - there are many alternatives.

I'm capable of programming so I wonder can I just write an application myself and talk to the 8903B via an virtual serial port, via USB and an suitable USB to HPIB intrerface. I'm running on a laptop so I need an external interface...

My humble thanks in advance for any advice :)