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Writing Cal Factors to E4413A using N1913A and E4418B

Question asked by rftech3000 on Jun 20, 2013
We are currently working on a multi vendor calibration platform for power sensors , most of the vendors including Anritsu and Rohde have been very forthcoming in supplying information related to writing to and reading from the Sensor EEPROMs however it seems to be a different story with agilent , there seems to be no adress map or info on how to accomplish a read/write to the EEPROM and how to calculate and update the checksum , most of the info we have we either received from third parties or figured out ourselves !
It took us only 150 hours on average to implement the routines for R+S, GIGA and Anritsu !  on the contrary we have well over 500 hrs into the development of the EPM routines which is almost done with the exception that anytime we write a cal factor to the table the sensor responds with a error message when connected to a meter which is because the checksum is not updated !
We found a description of the EEPROM in the N1913A programming manual however no adress map showing where which block is located , we also know that the N1913A allows for a direct write to the EEPROM and obviously updates the Checksum but this does not help us because our client wants to use E4418B meters !
i dont understand why such a trivial task of volunteering a bit of information about the EEPROM is so difficould for Agilent especially since other companies have no hesitation in providing the same information !
We also have a VEE runtime agilent distributed but this VEE doesnt work because it sends a command that disables the ID read of the sensor BEFORE sending the query of the sensor type which will cause the sensor to return unkown and the software to terminate !
This all does not paint a good picture of agilents customer service !