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S21 Low sensitivity after installing software A.07.29

Question asked by Satman on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2014 by Satman
I use an N9916A but some of my work is with 100kHz-2MHz in the MW AM band measuring antenna and matching components which are subject to high levels of external RF interference. The S11 function does not function in these circumstances most of the time due to ADC overload.

My temporary solution, whilst awaiting a response via Agilent sales/engineering for the last six months, is to use an external bridge with external amplifier and attenuators and the N9916A in S21 mode. This was sufficiently accurate for most of my work until I installed the latest software version A.07.29. After installing this software the sensitivity of Port 2 (in the S21 mode of operation) seems to have dropped significantly and my present setup un-useable. I have therefore downgraded to A.07.27 and all is working as before.

This downgrade does not pose a problem for me now but I am very concerned that I will miss out on any (all) the future upgrade options whilst I do not have another measurement solution.