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34907 Digital Input/Output Configure Output

Question asked by knert on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by Tardz

I'm trying to set up channel 1 and 2 at 34907 (using 34972A) to output a digital bitpattern, but I keep getting error 301: "Module currently comitted to scan.....To stop a scan in progress, send the ABORt command or a bus Device Clear."
I've figured out that one of the channels are configured as input, but how can I "overwrite" this? Sending SOURce:DIGital:DATA[:{BYTE|WORD}] ,(@) does not work.(either using WORD to @101 or BYTE to @101:102). What I want is to communicate separatly to channel 1 (and 2) by sending a 8bit-pattern. So how to clear a scanlist? and what SCPI-command does a Bus Device Clear? 
Or is there a CONFigure command to configure channels to be output other than using SOURce?

Thankful for any ideas that can solve my problem..:)