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Useful tip for owners of 85051B 7mm verification kit

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 6, 2013
If you own an 85051B which is quite old, you will probably find the foam is breaking up. The piece of foam to go in the box with the cutouts for the components is part 85051-80017, but that is obsolete. You either need to make up your own foam (possible, but hard to do very neatly), or buy a new wooden box, complete with foam, which is part 85051-60009 and pretty damm expensive. 

There is a work around you might find acceptable, when (not if), the foam breaks up. If one orders the lower foam pad for the 85055A N verification kit (85055-80011), the foam fits the 85051B 7mm box perfectly. The 7 mm airlines are a bit shorter than the N ones and the 7 mm attenuators is a littler fatter than the N ones, so the 7 mm components don't fit the foam designed for the N kit perfectly. But they do fit reasonably well. When you get the foam, instead of pulling out the inserts and throwing them in the bin, if you cut a couple up, you can make a reasonable job of it. See the *left* of the photo. On the right you will see the N components. If you compare them to the 7 mm ones on the left you will see they are slightly different sizes. 


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