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ADS Layout: Automatic end command when selecting new command

Question asked by STEINBUCH on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by STEINBUCH
In ADS2009, the following sequence was possible:

- Select a shape
- select a command, for example "copy using reference"
- copy the shape by mouse dragging
--> shape is still selected, command still active
- select other command, for example "mirror about x"
- click on reference point
--> shape is mirrored

With ADS2013, a significant change occurred:
- while the shape is still selected and the first command is still active, it is not possible anymore to select a new command!
- the initial command remains active, the command has to be ended manually before invoking a new one
--> additional key strokes required slowing down the layout process

Is there maybe a setting to change that behavior? If not, I suggest to revert to the initial functionality that allowed "command overwriting"