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Sequence Libraies in Network Paths

Question asked by on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by weiliang
In our organization, we have a small network where a few of our computers that run Testexec SL. To have all the testplans, actions, topologies, sequences centralized. At first we had a Windows XP Pro computer that acted as a File server. we mapped the rest of the computers to it as  M:\. As the number of computers grew, we had to migrate to an NAS(BlackArmor Seagate, Linux Based). When we did this change, the testplans still work, but when updating a testplan, the selection of the Sequence Library in a Sequence call, the sequences are not shown. 

Also, if I run, as Opeartor, sequences that were created before the change of file server, they run perfectly fine, but if I open them as Administrator the Sequence Selection disappears from the Call

I have checked the Search paths multiple times 
I am using TestExec 6.1.2 

Any Sugestions?

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