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Using two network analyzers to measure three waves

Question asked by irvine on Oct 17, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2007 by irvine
Goal: measuring three output waves simultaneously.

Equipment: VNA 8510C and VNA 8720ES

My solution and problem: use wave from port 1 of 8510C as source wave. Lead one of output wave to port 2 of 8510C and lead the other two waves to the two ports of 8720ES. Put huge attenuation on power source 2 of 8510C and turn off powers of 8720ES. Directly measure the wave B on port 2 of 8510C and two ports of 8720ES. Is this procedure reasonable? But I meet a problem? The waves shown on 8720ES are not stable. Those two waves on 8720ES should be phase loop locked with the wave A on port 1 of 8510C. How can I achieve that? There is R channel on 8720ES, but how to make connection? Please give me suggestions and show me the procedure in details. Thanks a lot.