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Is the front panel overlay near test ports of 8720ES the same as 8720D?

Question asked by drkirkby on Aug 4, 2013
*Short summary.*
I want to add option 012 (direct sampler access) to my 8720D and want to find the part number of the front panel overlay needed to do this. 


I'd like to add option 012 (direct sampler accesss) to my 8720D. I've asked Agilent UK for a quote to add the option, but they have declined to add the option, saying it used ot be done is the USA, but no longer is. It is also complicated by the fact one of the parts  (08720-20154, RF Cable CPL1 FP CPL1) is no longer available, but I'm hoping that wont a be show-stopper. 

Searching for product 8720D-012 (Direct sampler access) on brings up a list of the RF cables needed to add option 012, but *not* the front panel overlay. A new front panel overlay will be needed, as the standard overlay has no holes for the connectors to exit and no labels for them. 

Now looking at

I can see the front panel overlay needed to add option 012 to the 8719ES and 8720ES is Agilent 08720-80042. Going to  I can see that this overlay is still available at £72.32 (GBP), which is good news, but it is listed as fitting only the 8719ES, 8720ES & 8722ES, which is not such good news. There must be an equivalent part for the 8720D, but I can't seem to track it down. Given the 8720D and 8720ES are similar instruments, I'm wondering if the front panel overlay is the same part number, despite what says.