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Has anyone got an 85055A (N verification kit) handy? Box size wanted.

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by drkirkby
I've got an 85055A N verification kit and it has the usual problem - the foam is breaking up. So I bought two pieces of foam from Agilent UK for this. 

* 5180-8490 upper foam pad
* 85055-80011 lower foam pad. 

The inner dimensions of my old HP 85055As lid is 203 x 184 mm, but the 5180-8490 upper foam pad is 199 x 180 mm, so there is a 4 mm gap all around.  See the *right* hand side of the attached photo. (You can ignore the left hand picture, as that is of an 85051B 7 mm verification kit). 

I've been in contact with Agilent UK, and the Agilents part identification team to try to sort out how to get the upper foam pad. From what I gather, the foam 5180-8490 is cut to the correct specification, but the specification is wrong. This does not make a lot of sence to me, since the original foam fitted ok, and Agilent still sell this product. I would have expected if there was an issue with the foam specification being wrong, it would have been resolved long ago. 

Is there anyone with an 85055A kit that could tell me the inner dimensions of the lid. Does the foam fit OK, or is there a 4 mm gap as shown on the right of my photo? 

Note, if you work at Agilent, I am already in contact with parts ID department, so there is no point forwarding my post there. But if someone happens to have an Agilent 85055A verification kit around, I'd like to know the size of the box and if the foam fits well. 

It could be the size of the old HP box has changed from that used by Agilent. But the fact the bottom bit of foam fits fine, rather indicates that is unlikely.