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Setup arbitrary frequency dependent impedance on the network

Question asked by xuzhu on Apr 23, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2009 by xuzhu
I am evaluating a special 2-port matching network device over a wide frequency span. The termination impedance on one side of the device is 50ohm, and on the other side is frequency dependent, e.g. antenna impedance. I can use load-pull tuner to mimic this frequency dependent load but I have to change the tuner’s setting for each frequency point. It is a slow process to scan the entire spectrum and every time I adjust the matching network, I have to repeat the whole process before I can know if I tuned into the right direction. So I am wondering if the fixture simulator of the network analyzer can help me on this. Right now, I have an E5071B in the lab, the Port Zconvertions only allows me to put in a fixed impedance value for each port. It doesn’t allow me to load the S-parameter file or impedance data file. I am wondering if there is way to load the S-parameter file into the port of the network analyzer. I notice that De-Embedding and Port-matching functions can load user defined S-parameter files into the network analyzer. Does this require special VBA programs or firmware change?

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