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Remote control (Controlling Scopes) DSOX2024A using USB Port........

Question asked by malli_1729 on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by malli_1729

I want to control DSOX2024A scope using USB port in Python.

I have done this previously with spectral analyzer using serial port. This requires just Pyserial for Python to directly send raw SCPI commands to the device and getting response.

_I have not used VISA, pyVISA ._

Here, 3 options are there....
2. pyVISA
3. Agilent IO libraries

*from my understanding, it is enough to use VISA and pyVISA for controlling scope..Please correct me if i am wrong.*.
*What is the purpose of Agilent IO libraries. Can i use them Agilent IO libraries instead of VISA with pyVISA.*

is there any way, without using pyVISA and VISA or agilent IO libraries to control scopes using Python ( _like sending Raw SCPI commands directly in USB interface?_