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Import data measured from a non-IC-CAP environment into IC-CAP?

Question asked by drgz on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by drgz
I read in the documentation of IC-CAP 2013 that it's possible to import data measured from a non-IC-CAP environment into IC-CAP, however, I can't really say it's intuitive how this is done (should be mentioned that I'm new to IC-CAP). I have DC-IV, multi-bias S-parameter, and CW RF (NVNA data) measurements of a GaN HEMT transistor I'd like to make a model of; as for now I've made my own model using the measured data in ADS. I'm not fully satisfied with the accuracy, and would like to see if I can do any better using one of the extraction packages in IC-CAP. 

Since I already have the measurement data, I think the most effective use of time is to re-use this data, which I per today also use in ADS via the DAC-tool. But how can I incorporate this data into IC-CAP? As far as I understand, ADS can't export data to the *.mdm format; is it possible to somehow read data from the data set files that ADS generates? Or any other script one can use for this purpose?