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Win a copy of Joel's book on VNAs

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 6, 2013
I see this posted on an HP mailing list. 

+"Tell us your VNA story and be entered to win Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements by Joel P. Dunsmore, Ph.D"+

too bad it is only available in the USA and Canada, but given I have my own copy, I'm not too fussed. But for anyone that uses a VNA and does not have a copy, it is well worth your while. 

PS, does anyone know why Agilent have removed all pricings in GBP from their web site? If I want to get an estimate of a price, I now need to change my location to the USA and convert USD to GBP, and then I have a rough idea of price. It is particularly annoying on things like calibration, where different services are available in the US and UK.