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34972A + 34901A continuous voltage measurements, no relay switching

Question asked by dimension on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by tomc

I'm doing an automated DAC measurement with a agilent 34972A with a 34907A multifunction module and a 34901A multiplexer module. I would like to find a way to minimize relay switch events in the current setup.

At the moment I use digital outputs of the multifunction module to program the digitial bits of the DA converter. I then use channel 1 on the 34901A to measure the output voltage of the DAC. This works fine, but before/after each voltage measurement command the 34972A switches some relays on and off. Because the DAC has about 2048 digital codes this means that for every DAC device I measure these relays have to switch about 5000 times. 
Is there a way to keep channel 1 of the 34901 in measure voltage mode without any relays switching between each measure command? This would seem like a more elegant solution and also a lot better for the relay-lifetime then the current setup. 


measure command i currently use:
VOLTage:DC:NPLC 20,(@201)
MEASure:VOLTage:DC? 10,0.001,(@201)