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Agilent 33522B - How to avoid resetting of metadata to default values?

Question asked by metadata on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by lhornburg

When using the Agilent 33522B, I have noticed that using SOUR:FUNC:ARB {} to select a new waveform from volatile memory caues the offset and amplitude settings return to default values of 0V and 100mV.  I can then set the desired amplitude and offset, but my device under test cannot withstand the temporary jump to the default values.

I am using the SOUR:DATA:ARB command over GPIB to first create the waveforms in volatile memory.  Is there a way to specify the metadata (amplitude, offset, etc.) along with the waveform so that the output does not return to defaults when selecting a new waveform?

This was not an issue for older 33522A models, for which the current metadata was retained when selecting a new waveform.  From the manual:

"In firmware revisions 1.12 and before, the instrument did not update waveform metadata (sample rate, voltage
range, and filter setting) when switching from one arbitrary waveform to another. The new arbitrary waveform
adopted the metadata of the waveform already in memory. Therefore, an arbitrary waveform designed to play at one
voltage range, sample rate, and filter setting (as specified in the waveform’s metadata) was changed to another set of
metadata. After firmware revision 1.12, arbitrary waveforms load any metadata present in the arbitrary waveform file,
so that they play the way they previously played."

I would actually prefer using the older firmware, unless there is a simple workaround for this issue.  Would it be possible to obtain an older version of the firmware (1.12 or earlier) and run it on a model 33522B?

Thanks in advance for any help.