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E4413A Sensor Cal factor block

Question asked by rftech3000 on Jun 16, 2013
i am currently writing a calibration routine for E4413A sensors using a E4419B Meter, i have the relevant command tro read from and write to the EEPROM and i have located the Cal factor tables in the EEPROM , the SW reads out and converts the calibration factors correctly however i have a few questions :
1.) What power levels are used/recommended for the low and high range for the calibration ? 
2.) Does anyone know the adress locations for the Cal date and place ?
3.) how is the checksum calculated and where is it stored ? (adress?)

i can load the EEPROM table , view it and restore it in the EEPROM without a problem BUT if i change even only one bit in the EEPROM and it doesnt matter where im getting a sensor error usually it throws a linearity data not found or corrupted or a temp comp data corrupted or not found error , also when i query the Type or SN info with SERV:SENS:SNUM ?  im getting a response that says UNKNOWN though nothing in the SN area has been changed , also if i load the table back in my SW i can see that the bytes have changed to the value i set them to but im getting the error , if i change the byte value back to where it was originally then the error disappears!
here are the commands im sending to send the data to the eeprom (i have ommited the rest of the string )

instrument.WriteString("INIT:CONT OFF")

Any help/advice is appreciated !