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Agilent 5314xA Channel Maximum Input and Damage Levels

Question asked by jdwindrvr Employee on Sep 11, 2013
The triangle " ! " symbol located on the 5314xA Microwave Frequency Counter/Power Meter/DVM front panel is a universal warning symbol that alerts the user to refer to the product manual for additional information. The instrument's specified MAXIMUM INPUT level is distinguished from the specified DAMAGE level on page 4-3 of the Operating and Programming Guide. Measurement performance is warranted relative to the maximum input level, and not the damage level. 

The maximum input and damage levels apply to all three product models (53147A, 53148A, 53149A). 

Maximum Input
Channel 1               2 Vrms           
Channel 2
50 MHz–2 GHz      +5 dBm
2–46 GHz              +13 dBm

Damage Level
Channel 1        120 V (dc + ac pk) linearly derated to 5 Vrms at 125 MHz
Channel 2        +27 dBm