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Sampling at continuous triggers

Question asked by sivan on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by algoss
    As i am very much new to the usage of analyzers and such instruments themselves, i am a bit lost in trying to probe the signals as per my requirement.I have 16803A logic Analyzer. 
  My requirement is: 

      if( EOC signal make a high to low transition  )
              sample the data at that instant
             Dont sample
             wait for the trigger

The trigger event occurs at regular intervals, and data needs to be sampled only at the falling edge of  EOC signal and not continuously. 

This is what the  trigger condition i had set:
i) If  bus/signal EOC falling edge occurs  1 consecutively
    then Trigger and fill memory

Sampling condititions
Asynchronous sampling
1) Sampling options:Full channel,500 Mhz
2) Sampling period : 2ns 
3) Acquisition depth : 1M

50% Poststrore

But what guess happening is that, it captures data at the first trigger event ( high to low of EOC) and continues capturing forever till i stop.But my EOC signal makes a low to high transaction at which i expect to stop capturing data.

1) Will trigger and fill memory will fill entire 1 M space ?
2) How do i stop sampling when the EOC is low or at low to high ?
Can anyone suggest  me a solution on this please?
Please forgive my ignorance.