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Synchronize Receiver to Pulse Generator in N5242A Programmatically

Question asked by ranjan on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by Dr_joel

    I am facing problem regarding receiver synchronization while doing pulse generation in remote mode (using SCPI commands). It is working in Wideband detection mode if i use pulse generation in Local Mode. It is not working in wideband mode when remote mode is used. It is automatically set to narrowband when commands are used programmatically. I am attaching five snapshots for local and remote mode operation.

1. *PulseGeneration_LocalMode.png* : It is operated in Local Mode. Here IFBW is set to 150 KHz automatically. I have selected wideband mode in *Autoselect Pulse Detection Method*. 

2. *ReceiverSynchronization_LocalMode.png* : Pulse0 Delay is automatically set in *Synchronize Receiver to Pulse Generator pulse0*. Internal trigger is selected in *Pulse Sync Trigger*.

3. *PulseGeneration_RemoteMode.png* : I used SCPI Commands to generate pulse programmatically, but here IFBW was set to 100KHz. I have used command to set IFBW as 150 KHz (refer point 1). After setting IFBW to 150 KHz i am getting same values as per  *PulseGeneration_LocalMode.png*.

4. *ReceiverSynchronization_RemoteMode.png* : Pulse0 Delay is showing 0 psec in *Synchronize Receiver to Pulse Generator pulse0*. I am using SCPI command to set source as internal in  *Pulse Sync Trigger*. *I am not getting any command to set Pulse0  Delay for receiver synchronization*.

5. *PulseGeneration_RemoteMode_Narrowband.png* : Here i have used SCPI command to select *Autoselect Pulse Detection Method*, but it is working in Narrowband mode. It was working in Wideband mode (refer point 1) when Local mode is used.

     Kindly help me to find solutions for this problem.

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