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Uncertainty specs for SMC + phase measurements with the N5241A

Question asked by d_finz on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Andrew004
My collegues and I are using a 4-port N5241A with the FCA, IMDx and NFx options to test frequency converters; we're making all of our measurements using the SMC + phase approach.  My task is to create and maintain the cal sets for several state files; we're measuring parameters such as group delay, conversion gain/loss, RF/IF port return loss, 3rd order intermods and noise figure.

I'm using a 4-port 3.5mm E-CAL, a 18GHz USB power sensor and a 346B noise source to perform all of the calibrations. I used a 26.5GHz comb generator to generate a phase reference calset which I've applied to the group delay state file's calset.

Our customer wants the uncertainty specs for all of our measurements.  Naturally I was assigned the task of obtaining these specs...lucky me!  My first approach was to use the network analyzer uncertainty calculator; however, to my dismay, I found that the calculator does not include uncertainties for SMC + phase measurements!  So, I then looked at the data sheet for the N5241A and found, again to my dismay, there weren't any uncertainty specs for SMC + phase measurements in there either!

So, if anyone out there knows how to compute these uncertainty specs or knows where to find them, it would be greatly appreciated!