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Cal all channels error message

Question asked by d_finz on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by daras
I have a 4-port N5241A (firmware updated to latest production release) that I'm using to test a duplex frequency converter.  My analyzer is setup to measure SMC + phase, IMDx and NFX (each with its own channel) using ports 3 and 4.  I'm using the two PNA-X's internal sources and an external combiner to create the two tone signal for the IM3 measurement; the LO for the DUT is being fed externally by a MXG and I'm using a U2000A power sensor to perform the source calibration.

I attempted to calibrate all 3 channels using "Cal All Channels".  However, after the calibration finished and I saved the user cal set, an error message popped up on the display stating (not verbatim) that error terms were missing from the calibration.  Once I cleared the error message, I checked the available cal sets and found that only the cal set for the SMC + phase channel was saved; the cal sets for the IM3 and NF channels were not saved. 

I repeated the calibrations on the IM3 and NF channels using the Calibration Wizard and the calibrations, much to my surprise, were successful!

In response to this, I went to each measurement channel and changed to ports 1 and 2 and then tried "Cal All Channels" again; the calibration was successful (again much to my surprise!) 

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Any advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated!