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Installation of 05.80.1004 searches for "Agilent Logic Analyzer 05.80.0000.

Question asked by on Jun 19, 2014
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I have installed 05.80.1004 on my local PC. No Logica analyzer, so the offline version. 
But when starting the software it would like to configure some stuff and searches for the file "Agilent Logic Analyzer 05.80.0000.msi".
In the temp directiry I found the file "Agilent Logic Analyzer 05.80.1004.msi", but this is not accepted by the software. 
the version 05.80.0000 ist not for download on the website, so I can not try to get the .msi out of this one. 

the Software ask several times for the .msi after starting,
than it opens the GUI,
asks serveral times again 
and then seem to run without any issues .. 

Any idea where I can get the corresponding .msi file or how to avoid this behavior ?