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Timeouts in pass-through mode

Question asked by taj on Jul 2, 2013
Setup:  Station computer communicates with N5230C via LAN. N5230C communicates with N1914A via 82357B USB to GPIB interface converter.  

1) Pass-through commands work well unless the signal to be measured is missing, or intermittently have issues if we are measuring a value that requires longer settle time for the sensor and power range we are using in some cases.  
2) If we reconfigure system so the N5230A communicates directly with the N1914A and set the VISA attibute for the power meter to 14 seconds (the max settling time for our sensor) we get the measured value back after about twelve seconds and no timeout error. We set the VISA attribute programmatically:
  status = viSetAttribute (inst_handle, VI_ATTR_TMO_VALUE, set_time_out);
3) Re-established pass-through configuration and tried changing the 488 I/O timeout property for the 82357B interface from the default 10seconds to 20seconds.  This did not resolve the issue.  I could not find out how to set the timeout for the power meter.  Agilent-VISA default timeout is 2 seconds I believe.  

How would I set the timeout value for the power meter when configured as described in setup?

Thank you.

Edited by: TAJ on Jul 2, 2013 9:29 PM
Found issue was the way we open session.  Timeout set in SYSTem:COMMunicate:GPIB:RDEVice:OPEN , ,