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Copying file from ENA to PC (VC++)

Question asked by ram001 on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by ChengNing

I am using the Agilent ENA5061B Network analyzer. I am using a remote GPIB-USB-B connection from my PC to ENA and I am using Visual C++ to connect them both. Everything works fine and I am able to measure my S11 data and write it into a .csv file on the ENA's hardisk D:\ drive. I need to be able to do two things for my project:

1) Write the .csv file directly onto my PC from the ENA when the measurement is done.

2) Transfer the .csv file written on the ENA's hardrive to my PC.

Can anyone help me with a VC++ code which can do this? I can append the code to mine.

Thanks in advance.