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Running test script on 34972A from Linux laptop over LAN

Question asked by jcube3 on Jan 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by hognala
Hi there, a colleague of mine wants to run an Expect (TCL) script on the 34972A test instrument from a Linux laptop. We have the Linux laptop and test instrument connected to the same network on adjacent LAN wall ports. Currently, all the IP addresses, gateways, etc are configured and I'm able to ping the test instrument from the Linux laptop (Ubuntu 12.04). 

I also discovered that I can't SSH to the test instrument's IP address, but I'll have to open socket 5025 in order to communicate with the instrument, send SCPI commands to it, and run test scripts. I'm not familiar with socket programming, but I did some research on how to open socket 5025 and was unable to find specific commands to run on the Linux terminal. Are there specific Linux commands I would need to use to open the socket and communicate with the test instrument?

The next step would be to use the *IDN? command to see if the test instrument will respond. From there, I believe we could run the test script. **Can I open socket 5025 directly from the Linux terminal or would that need to be included within the test script?**