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PNAX Noise Figure Negative values

Question asked by rok on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by rok

I'm trying to measure the noise figure of a downconverter with ~70dB of gain @ input power of -70dBm using a 50GHz PNA-X and opt 28 standard receivers with firmware A.09.80.20. The source attenuation on Port 1 is 40dB and the receiver attenuation on Port 2 is 5dB. I am using noise bandwidth of 1.2MHz, Averages of 250, and power calibration of -55dBm. I cannot calibrate at a higher power because I get source unleveled errors. I am using the scalar Noise figure for converters calibration and measurement. The problem is that I am getting negative noise figure values for virtually the whole band! The gain though and the output power seems okay though. I am using 47 to 49.8GHz as my RF range and 10.5GHz (quadrupled) as my LO. If someone can advise what I should try in order to fix this, that would be greatly appreciated.